Escuela de Mariachi Angeles de NY is a Non-Profit Organization with the purpose to help Children from every nationality learn the beautiful Music of Mariachi.

Our Story

In February of 2016, two visionaries Miguel Ponce and Rene Escamilla; started this Music Program on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Our Mission is to Promote Mariachi Music in a well diverse City, by providing the opportunity to every student who wants to learn and maintain the tradition of the Music of Mexico the Music of Mariachi. The Program started with only a few students and now we have approximately 40 students. We are very thankful to everyone who has helped us begin this Musical Family, to every Parent who Supports this Program as well as future Contributors and Students. This Program will continue to accept New Students as well as Donations in order to keep this alive and running. Everyone is Welcome to Join and learn this beautiful Tradition.